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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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breaking overnight -- two people shot in a car just feet from the public library in st. petersburg. abc action news is talking with investigators this morning now we're trying to find out if they are looking for any suspects. the two men shot are in the hospital right now. take a look at the to help manatee county deputies find this missing 11-year-old boy. nathaniel garza is missing from bradenton. last seen at his school bus stop on 14th street west. we're told the 11-year-old has run away before. if you see him call the manatee county sheriff's office. and watching a breaking traffic alert. a bad crash on the howard frankland. >> shay and janelle looking at tit together. >> we're seeing the crash on the cameras. and corey dierdorff is on the
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the tow truck is there, it may be cleared soon? >> reporter: they are working to clear this out. there's a good amount of debris still in the roy. this is the tampa side about a half-mile before the kendall/westshore accident as you come in the solid ground off the bridge. kennedy. and you can see how severe this crash was, a single car rollover. that driver was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. the delays are starting to back up, two inside lanes closed right now you can see fhp conducting an investigation. road rangers on the side of the road as well. as you come over the bridge, slow down and move over to keep the guys safe. they are trying to clear this wreck on the howard frankland bridge. we'll stay on top of us. follow us on twitter and we'll let you know just as soon as this roadway opens. >> we can show you the same crash from the fdot cameras. only two lanes are getting by. two other lanes are blocked with a lot of activity. again hoping to have this cleared soon but cars getting
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times and it's still just 6 minutes to cross the howard frankland. checking the drive through downtown, once you pass the crash you're in great shape. it's still hot and steam you but at least in the morning it's dry, no rain. >> and temperatures are pretty comfortable now as well. so dry and, well, as comfortable as it's going to get across tampa bay for this time of year, whatever in mind getting the kids to school and bus stop maybe? the weather is going to be fine. you don't have to worry about rain as we're starting the day. 77 tampa. 75 clearwater. 79 siesta key. arcadia 77. now as we work our way through the afternoon it's going to be much like what we have been seeing lately. a run unlikely at noon but temperatures in the upper 80s at that point.
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we'll have the scattered showers and storms through the late afternoon and into the early evening. most of them will be between 2:00 and sunset tonight. i'll have the 7-day forecast for you and show you when this pattern is going to change and how that will affect the timing of the rain coming up. it's 5:33. these red light cameras you see here are supposed to improve our safety. but some claim they are nothing more than a money-making opportunity by the city. this morning the city of bradenton is going to debate whether to keep them or ta dunigan is live in bradenton this morning. what are drivers there saying about these cameras? >> reporter: as you can imagine reaction among drivers has been mixed. there are about seven of these red light cameras posted all around town here. the city council will be meeting a bit later this morning to really discuss if they have truly been effective. the cameras have been here for several years now, the contract with the company that operates them expires this week so a decision needs to be made
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red lights have gone down in the past two years. drivers though have differing opinions. >> it's going to help traffic safety in the long run. people running red lights and jumping the gun on the other direction. i mean, you see traffic accidents all the time. >> it doesn't allow for, like, giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. there's no human element. >> reporter: that meeting kicks off this morni following this outcome pretty closely of course. just since we've been out here this morning we've noticed a lot of drivers slowing down as they get close to this intersection where the red light camera is. it's certainly an attention grabber for a lot of folks but a lot of debate out here this morning. we will be at that meeting and will bring you the very latest this morning at 9:00 a.m. for now reporting live in bradenton, rodney dunigan, abc
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saturday night is the target of threats now. the shooting sparked two days of violent fiery protests. the officer's photo and name widely shared on facebook. a commenter asked for a gun so he could shoot the officer. milwaukee police are investigating the threats. this morning the aclu is demanding milwaukee police release the officer's body camera video which shows saturday's shooting. city leaders have said that video clearly shows sylville smith shot. achoo wants the -- aclu wants the public to see the video to judge for themselves. the riverside heights community wants increased patrols to put a stop to thieves. neighbors say thieves stole from cars, garages, homes, even mailboxes. you can see here neighbors are arming themselves with security cameras but say thieves are finding ways to get around the surveillance. >> when the neighbors got
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if they turn the breakers off to the whole house at night the cameras turned off. >> tampa police say officers are assigned to the area and do frequent patrols but say a lack of staffing is making it difficult to catch the crooks. they say while the spike appears to be a rising trend numbers show break-ins in the community are actually down so far this year. breaking details overnight in democracy 2016. donald trump is overhauling his campaign again. just 82 days before election day trump has breitbart news executive steven been a nonas his campaign crowe. ceo. >> at a rally in wisconsin trump says he wants to win the votes of all african-americans. the republican nominee argued that the clinton campaign and other democrats exploit minority groups for votes citing police shootings of blacks to stirring up racial unrest as an example. trump prompted to end the "war
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president she would take on the gun lobby to save lives. clinton says she wants to keep guns from people who shouldn't have them in the first place. she promised to push for comprehensive background checks. close loopholes and gun laws and bar people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns. new developments in the clinton e-mail scandal. the house oversight committee received fbi documents and its investigation into clinton including the agency's interviews with clinton. committee membs also the state department says it will publicly release all previously deleted work related e-mails the fbi recovered from clinton's private server. you may need to get a new health insurance provider next year. aetna announcing it will not offer plans on exchanges in 11 states including florida where it currently does offer coverage. the company claims it lost $430 million since january of 2014 when it began to offer policies
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united health group and humana announced earlier this year as well they will reduce their obama care coverage in 2017. trying to find a man that robbed a subway sandwich store. on monday afternoon the man pointed a gun to the employee and demanded cash. the woman says she was getting a key to open the register but instead locked herself in the the suspect tried to open the register but couldn't open it so he left without cash. if you recognize the person in the video call clearwater police. detectives serving for the burglars that -- searching for the burglars that snuck into a brevard county man's home and stole food. he checked home surveillance video and saw two people sneaking inside. they took food from the refrigerator and paper towels. sarasota police have a warning for pokemon go players.
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in the marina jack 2 parking lot. officers say the crook grabbed her purse monday and knocked her to the ground. while that woman is all right officers say you should take steps to protect yourself before you play. they recommend always playing in groups, be aware of your surroundings and if you see something suspicious call police. the suspect is still on the run this morning. it may take a little while -- a little longer than expected for lightning fast internet to reach tampa. the "the wall street journal" is reporting google's parent company is here in tampa google fiber is in talks with the power company to build the fiber network. in past rollouts its built its own networks. however it is $500 for each house it connects to and not all homes subscribe. fiber is $70 a month for the fastest internet connection an additional $60 a month for tv. if you're headed out the door this morning and planning on hitting the roads, they are dry this morning. things are looking good with
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at 93 today and the afternoon and evening drives are much more likely to be inundated with rain or find wet spots on major roads and bridges as the storms roll through from east- to-west again this afternoon and into the early evening. i'll show you when that pattern is going to change, what the timing of the rain will be coming up. look at this -- this might look like an orlando picture, when you look out the window of an airport, but if you look closely you'll see something is what one person caught happening as the workers unload a plane. >> it's one of the first places any parent would take their kids but we find out what was at one central florida park that left one little boy hurt. >> we're keeping a close eye on the howard frankland bridge, a rollover crash this morning has two lanes shut down. this is heading into tampa. the tow truck as you can see is on the scene, car involved is on it, one person was taken to the hospital.
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welcome back. 5:44 on this early wednesday morning. 77 degrees in tampa. you are looking live at the howard frankland bridge. the northbound lanes of i-275. eastbound into tampa. two left lanes still blocked there, they are cleaning up a rollover wreck, one person taken to the hospital. looks like they are just about to reopen lanes within the next
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this and we'll get an update on traffic and weather in a minute. orange county officials say they will look at a park where a peacock attacked a 2-year-old boy. >> laura brown said she took her son jackson to magnolia park in apopka yesterday morning and when they got out of their car one of the peacocks quickly attacked jackson. one of the talons dug into his head narrowly missing his eye. laura wants the peacocks removed from the park because she says the birds can seriously hurt somebody. >> the peacock was on his head with talons, flapping its wings. it went to the peacock and still didn't like get away from him. >> laura immediately took her son to urgent care. doctors had to use surgical glue to close the gash on his head. he now needs antibiotics the next week. two south carolina teens are charged with murder in the shooting death of a good samaritan who helped them pull their suv out of a ditch. police in charleston say the victim stopped to help the
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the teens robbed and shot that good samaritan. the name of the victim who died at the scene was not immediately released. no let's look at the 7-day forecast which overall i think for this time of year looks pretty fantastic. today a high of 93 that means it's going to be feeling cose to 100 again at the peak of the heat. we'll have a few showers and storms, about 40% coverage across the area later and what we'll see is that typical east-to-west flow, we'll see the showers and storms developing right around 2:00, 3:00 and then that is going to continue through about sunset before tapering off. now, as we work our way through the end of the week, we remain with the east-to-west pattern, that means the showers and storms don't develop until mid to late afternoon, keeping us with very dry starts to the day. that all changes though as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday we get the
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happens we end up with those showers and storms possible early in the day along the coast. and then moving inland through the day. still only 40% coverage so it's not going to be a washout but we're going to see the rain beginning a little earlier and with the extra cloud cover earlier in the day check out the highs, down to being on target with average. 90 as the high. early next week we will see lower chances for rain. about 20% to 30% coverage so that is going to keep us drier side. with highs starting to climb back up then into the low 90s. overall we're still looking at pretty typical summer-like weather. the great news is that we have a nice dry commute for this morning show sothat at least won't contribute to additional problems. you've had issues already this morning? what is going on? we started with a serious crash on the howard frankland, corey dierdorff is there bringing us these live pictures. you can see the car involved. this was a single-car rollover crash in the northbound lanes
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hospital. that car as you can see already on the tow truck. so hopefully they will have the lanes cleared shortly. but we still at the moment have two inside lanes blocked so only two lanes are getting through now. again this is from pinellas into tampa. you can see it even better from my fdot cameras, you can see the cars getting by pretty nicely here, seeing just a slight backup, it usually takes 6 minutes to cross the howard frankland, it's now taking 7 minutes. hopefully this crash site will be cleared before the morning rush hour really picks up. i don't think there's a need for a detour at the moment. we have the shriners parade today in ybor city. that of course means road closures on the main parade routes. portions of the roads will close at 1:00 p.m. not expected to reopen until midnight. so alternates, nebraska to palm avenue to 12th street. then work your way up to i-4 depending where you're coming
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but just be aware, it could get kind of messy during the afternoon rush hour today. 5:48. experts warned parents for years that babies should only sleep on their backs, if not it puts them at risk for sudden infant death syndrome. a new report now says many parents are still putting babies to sleep on their sides and stomachs instead. they are also putting potentially dangerous blankets, bumpers, pillows and toys in their cribs. sleep related deaths most common cause of death for babies 1 month to 1-year-old. health officials in hawaii now know what caused nearly 170 people to become ill with hepatitis a. they say it was caused by frozen scallops served raw at a sushi restaurant chain. they came from the philippines. the state department of health ordered 10 restaurants closed so they can disinfect them and get a new food supply. anyone who has eaten at the
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vaccine. a warning for parents, a popular piece of furniture could hurt your children. solder woodworking company is recalling its four-door chests, sold exclusively at walmart between april and june of this year. the company says no one has been hurt but some of the chests could tip over. the company says stop using it or anchor it to a wall. if you bought it at walmart where service sold walmart is offering customers anchor kits. a popular chicken company is in trouble with federal authorities after an lost a finger. osha found more than one dozen serious violations at tyson's food processing plant in texas. it was find $250,000. the injury what is started the investigation. united airlines is investigating after a picture was tweeted yesterday showing a military dog's crate being unloaded upside down at o'hare airport. the tweet read "hey, united, care to explain this?
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see them there? you have the dog completely upside down. united responded with several tweets asking for aadditional information and released a statement saying they were investigating the incident, luckily that dog was not injured. coming up -- some people are not loving the surprise inside a mcdonald's happy meal. see why they say mcdonald's is a hypocrite. >> surprise, silver. the american gymnast that went
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z236az zy6z
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yesterday was a a pretty good day for team usa in rio. extending the lead in the medal count. usa with 84 now. 33 medals total ahead of china. great britain closing in on china, just one medal back. russia is in fourth place, france in fifth place overall in the medal count. in men's gymnastics american daniel laiva put on a performance only one other man could beat. he won silver medals. he was not even supposed to be competing. he was actually a replacement when another teammate tore a ligament. sportsmanship in the women's 5,000 meter race.
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gets tripped up and takes down the american. she checks to see if hamlin is all right and later in pain from the fall, the american is struggling this. time it's hamlin who checks on her. both women would congratulate each other at the finish line. main sponsor of the olympics turning heads also. >> mcdonald's is hoping the olympic games will inspire kids to get moving so they are offering a fitness tracker in every happy meal. it's called a step it tracker. kids can wear the pedometer on their wrist but a lot of people on social media calling out mcdonald's. they say mcdonald's is a hypocrite to promote something that is a health item in the
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and frees. mcdonald's disagrees. >> the dramatic 911 call after a neighbor walks in on a man stabbing a couple to death. the new picture emerging of the fsu student accused of this gruesome crime. >> good morning. the howard frankland all lanes back open after a serious rollover crash earlier this morning.
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two people found shot in this bay area public library parking lot. what police are saying. i'm lindsay logue, that is at 6:00. >> plus, a florida college student accused of killing a couple and mauling one of their faces. new information on that suspect's condition. >> the search is on now for the
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school. the last place he was spotted. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> we're covering a new effort to solve a strange case. cats ending up dead on the howard frankland bridge. >> we're watching a wreck too, is everything clear? >> we just got word. you can see it now that all the lanes are back open. we'll have a live report -- or live pictures from corey coming up. meanwhile not raining. that is good. >> dry roads are always a good thing for the commute. let's look at the temperatures too. a degree or two lower across much of the area than what it was yesterday morning. not trying to say it's cool or anything but it's -- well, a degree or two lower than what it was yesterday. 75 in bartow. 77 tampa. 80 in longboat key. 74 brooksville. we take what we can get this time of year, right? it's now pretty comfortable considering for this time of year. if you got something in mind to do early this morning, going for a jog or walk the dog,
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this morning. until we get to around noon to 2:00. that is when the storms are going to start bubbling up inland. then they will move to our coastline between 2:00 and 3:00. and will continue through sunset. we're reaching highs today around 93 degrees so it's going to feel like 100 once again. so the good news of course, out of that forecast -- >> the good news. >> it's dry this morning. how is the commute looking? >> so far so good. we do have that crash on the howard frankland but that is cleared. corey dierdorff is bringing us these live pictures. you can see there the tow truck is gone, the debris is gone. all four lanes on the howard frankland heading into tampa back open. just 6 minutes to get across the bridge this morning. less than 10 minutes across the other two bridges. fhp reporting a crash on i-4 just east of i-75 we have a camera there, i'm not seeing anything. this was reported in the westbound lanes. those are the tail-lights heading there towards tampa.


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